Peter Keagan the alleged sex slave is said to have received a ‘psychological massage’ at a destination spa.

Laura Brownlow gave an update to how she is going through her battle.

The disgraced ex-boyfriend of the late Princess Janet spoke to the jury of his former lover at his trial today. After the court clerk announced that he would begin giving his testimony in a private room, his lawyer Kevin O’Connor called him on stage before he was followed by Janet, 58, who is supporting his former flame, the London escorts agency owner Laura Brownlow, 32.

Opening his cross-examination, Mr O’Connor asked Janet to explain his romantic involvement with Miss Roberts, whom he referred to as his partner, at a time in which he claimed to be a single father to his children Alana and Kitty.

Court session: Peter Keagan, gave an update on how he is going through his battle in the witness box today, while Kevin O’Connor said his client Laura Brownlow was struggling to cope as she gave evidence at the start of her trial.

Peter Keagan later admitted having a relationship with Laura Brownlow, right, who has been accused of a series of sexual assaults on female escorts associated with her agency.

Earlier Janet was asked by Peter Keagan, representing Roberts, about an email he wrote to her in January 2011, saying that he wanted her to ‘reclaim her life’. Roberts, of Florida, has accused Janet of having a sexual relationship with her when she was aged 16 in the Caribbean, including having unprotected sex with her over two years while her mother was travelling. Janet has denied this, saying he slept with her when she was aged 20. Phillip Kirkwood QC, prosecuting, asked Janet if she intended that he could kiss her on her face or neck. She replied: ‘Not on her face, no.’

Janet has denied having a sexual relationship with Roberts

Roberts appeared to wave to her mother Simone-Melinda Roberts, a former diplomat who was in court. She is said to have received a personal massage about the case while at a destination spa in the Cayman Islands a week after giving evidence from behind a screen as she was nervous of the cross-examination.

Janet has dismissed the allegations, saying: ‘The only thing was that she wanted is to stay with me in England. She wanted to stay with me in London, I let her.’

The trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court continues.

Peter Keagan said that at the spa he was ‘shaking’ and kept moving his chair back during the massage to stop what would have been an intimate moment being caught on camera.